Mixology Made Digital

The Spiridex app is designed to allow book publishers and authors to turn their content into a digital marketplace for their readers. Readers gain access to content based upon their purchases, can maintain a single inventory of ingredients, and view at a glance what they can make and what they should buy.

Increase engagement with Readers

Readers buy your cocktail books for many reasons. You bring a unique perspective on a particular spirit, you tell a story of history and provenance through recipes, you encourage and educate young and upcoming bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Whatever the reason, the recipes are at the core of your book. Wouldn’t it be great if there was  a way to digitize your recipe content so that your readers could actively engage with it? Spiridex is the Digital Mixology Platform that enables you to do just that.

Styled to your specifications

Your book (we call this a collection) and recipes are styled to your specifications. The recipes look like your book, and readers know they are engaging with your content.

Helpful publishing support

Standardizing inventory is hard and data entry is time consuming. The team behind Spiridex is here to help you digitize your content. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure the spirit of your book is reflected in the app, and that the recipes and ingredients remain true to your intent

Increase book publishing Revenue

Spiridex is meant as an add-on to your print content. Spiridex acts as a value-add that you can provide your readers, free-of-charge, or with a small additional fee.

The Latest tech trends

You’re busy running your bar, participating in speaking engagements, and writing your next great cocktail tome. Your readers expect you to stay at the top of the latest trends in tech, but you don’t have time to do that. Let Spiridex free you of that burden and delight your audience

Cocktail Recipe book Stats

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Off-the-Shelf Ingredients


Here’s an early look at what we’re building. Much more to come!

Reader Features

Spiridex allows readers to purchase/obtain collections (books, bar menus, brand recipes) through a marketplace.  Ingredients are standardized across all collections in the app, allowing easy management from anywhere. Recipes in reader collections can be searched by ingredient or combination of ingredients. Shopping lists are organized by number of recipes that use an ingredient, as well as the impact of the ingredient itself. 

Inventory Management

Difficulty managing inventory is the reason why recipe apps aren't used. Spiridex allows ingredients to be added and removed from inventory from anywhere in the app.

Intuitive Search

Search within and across collections for recipes based on an ingredient that you want to use. Quickly find ingredients, learn more about them even where to buy them.

Maximize Your purchases

Nobody likes to buy an expensive ingredient only to use it once. Spiridex ensures that you always know which missing ingredients would have the highest impact to your inventory.

Spiridex - The Digital Mixology Marketplace